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Super Combo

Small Batch Made From Scratch

in Colorado Since 1995


Super Combo Includes:

Athena’s Apple A Day, Bandit’s BBQ Mail Carriers, Benji’s Breakfast Biscuit, Broxie’s Blueberry, Copper’s Carob Moose, Eddy’s Good Dog Stars, Hank’s Hen Hearts, Lucy’s Peanut Butter Bones, Rosie’s Pumpkin, Bear’s Shepherd’s Pie, Tommy’s TNT, & Wheatless Hearts



Includes 13 different biscuits!

Lots of great flavors!

Apple, BBQ, Blueberry, Peanut Butter, Ginger, Pumpkin to name a few.

Oat, Wheat, and Grain Free all in one bag!


1 lb., 1/2 lb.


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